Endurance is virtue

Endurance is virtue.

Sometimes as human we begin to compare our level of success with that of our friends and colleagues.  Weighing on a scale how successful they had become, how they are making it without struggling much. But here is the simple truth, There is time for everything. We've been programmed to be either faster than each other or slower but everyone as his set time... Do not confuse yourself by using your friend's method of chasing success because in most cases those methods may not work for you.

A time will come where all you dream of, the luxuries you always wanted to have will be of no use to you, when you have more than enough resource to purchase even more things. And those friends you have always dreamt to be like, some of them may come to you for your assistance to solve problems.

Know this, God sees you, he is watching you, he is taking you through a process, he is preparing you for a greater height, so do not fasten the time because of your own benefit.

A leave cannot fall from a tree without God knowing about it...

It's a process, endure!...

God is love 
Oyin olowoyo,
Motivational writer.
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